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Have you ever thought, “People buy and sell real estate every day. How hard could it be?” Then consider this: 90% of all sellers who opt to go it alone end up hiring an agent. And 90% of those that sold themselves would have put more money in their pockets after paying a commission to the right agent. As for the rest? They may or may not get the best price in the shortest time frame.

What seems like a simple “for sale by owner” turns out not to be as quick and easy as most people think it should be. If you know that you’d be in over your head trying to sell your house yourself, it’s time to contact a real estate professional. The agents at BOMIC Real Estate know the ins and outs of selling property. We dot every i and cross every t.

At BOMIC Real Estate, our agents are in the best position to market your property. We have a track record to prove it. We sell a property every 4.3 days and have done so for the past 11 years.. That means money in your pocket!

    What We Do to Earn Your Trust

    • We listen to your needs and wishes.
    • We customize our services to best help you reach your goals.
    • We customize your marketing plan to bring the best quality buyers to your property.

    Our listings are on all major national websites, with over a hundred real estate specific websites, and in front of thousands of local real estate agents and all of their buyers.

    Our marketing efforts are never half-hearted. Your property listing won’t get lost in the shuffle.

    Here’s our promise to you as a seller:

    • Our checklist system will keep your transaction on track.
    • You’ll always know where things stand; we will keep you updated.
    • Our process is streamlined, so we make selling your property as seamless and convenient as possible.

    We’ll put more money in your pocket after paying all commissions and selling costs.

    Sure, you can go the “for sale by owner” route and avoid the commission, but an agent will save you time, money and frustration!

    Our attention to detail truly sets us apart as one of the best client-focused real estate companies in the state. When you’re ready, call us. There’s no obligation, but once you’ve met us, you’ll want us to work for you! We’re like family.

    About BOMIC Real Estate

    Whatever your real estate needs, we can help make your experience a positive and life changing one. It is our goal to provide the best quality, most professional real estate service to all of our customers and clients.

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